Sey'd the Bha'lir

Adams longtime companion


Sey’d is a black Bha’lir cub from the planet Iyred in the Kibilini sector of the Outer Rim.

The black Bha’lir is a native of Iyred and an opportunistic hunter of the tropical and terrestrial forests of that world. They tend to roam in small bands of one male, one female and as many as six or seven cubs, These large cats are surprisingly docile when approached cautiously. However, they can be fiercely territorial and savage when threatened or while defending their territories or young. Bha’lir mate for life and are notorious in their loyalty to their chosen mate: This is a primary reason for the failure of biologists to maintain Bha’lir numbers in captivity.

The Bha’lir hunt in packs consisting of several families. The males – in packs of five to six – are the spearhead of the hunting party. Groups of 10 to 15 females run the perimeter until the target is run to exhaustion, cornered, and brought down. Cubs eat first, then primary females and males, then subordinate members. This is where their apparent socialisation instincts end. After the meal, each family goes it’s own way.

With the deforestation and desolation of Lyred, the Bha’lir faced starvation as their food sources were depleted. They eventually fell prey to the whims of greedy investors and the species is officially listed as extinct. However there are small numbers of Bha’lir that have been raised in isolated refuges. The largest of these refuges, located on Duunir, is a charity of the Black Bha’lir who have adopted the large cats as their mascots.

Young Bha’lir Stat-Block

Dexterity 4D + 1 Perception 3D + 2
Brawling Parry 4d + 1 Hide/Sneak 4d + 1
Dodge 3d + 2 Search 4d
Running 5d
Strength 3D
Knowledge ? Brawling 4d
Stamina 3d + 1
Mechanical ? Swimming 3d + 2
Technical ?

Claws and Teeth: Attack using Brawling. Causes Str +1d damage.
Stealthy Predator: The creature gains +1d to all Sneak rolls.

Move: 18
Size: 1m Tall (at shoulder), 1.22m long (not including tail)

(Attributes and Skills reduced by 1d each from ‘official’ Adult template.)



Sey’d’s young life started disastrously when a poacher made their way onto her homeworld, to cash in on the rarity of the species which had gone nearly extinct due to deforestation and loss of her native environment. Separated from her pride, with her mother and father killed, she was destined for market on some far off world. Her final fate most likely to become either a pet, or devoured as a rare delicacy of some inhumane despot.

Unfortunately for the poacher, a young smuggler called Adam was hiding out on Iyred , waiting for heat to die down after escaping a Hutt clans tender mercies. Seeing the poor cub caged in a box barely able to hold it’s size, he freed it, and joined battle with the poacher; fighting to defend himself and the cub. Unlike Adam, however, the poacher had back up and it was not long before the smuggler was outgunned, and the only option was to run. Scooping the cub up under one arm, he sprinted for what remained of the treeline, and vanished into the undergrowth.

Adam kept moving for three days, staying barely one step ahead of the poacher, the mewling cub carried against his chest like a newborn baby. Eventually , he found the prides hunting land and tried to return the youngling back to it’s family. Placing it down gingerly amongst the other members of the pride, moving slowly so as not to make them see him as a threat, he wished the young creature luck and gradually extricated himself from the creatures den. Whether it was the smell of the cub on his clothes, or a hitherto unknown spark of intelligence in the creatures simple brains, but none of the cubs pride-mates attacked Adam as he slowly slunk away.

He was terrified when he got back to the ship, and saw the cub not far behind. Thinking that now it had it’s pride with it (some of which were the size of two fully grown men already) he was sport, or dinner. He stood and waited. Praying to all the gods he knew to make it painless. But instead, the cub padded up to him, and collapsed against his legs, relaxing. Twice more, Adam attempted to return the cub to it’s family. Twice more it returned to the ship as fast as he did. The creature even mewled piteously at the boarding ramp when it got there slightly too late and he was doing pre-flight checks, prior to launch.

He opened the ramp and the Bha’lir padded aboard, unafraid of the metallic floor and walls of the vessel. If padded straight up to Adam, and once more curled at his side, this time next to his chair in the cockpit. It was then Adam knew he would never be alone again.

Sey'd the Bha'lir

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