Sam Fusco

Enforcer for the Decima Syndicate


Physical Description:

Sam is a tall and muscular man in his thirties. He is dark haired with green eyes. His movements are economical with a trace of military discipline and crispness to them.


Sam is a grim no-nonsense type, while on business he is ruthless and without compassion. If you were to get to know him outside of working hours you would possible get to know a very different person, or maybe not.



Born on Reuss VIII Sam was destined for a life of grinding hard labour, crime or the military. He joined the Reuss Militia as soon as he was old enough. After serving his initial tour of duty he resigned from the military and left Reuss VIII for the greater galaxy. He spent four years working as a mercenary with various units before he took a job as a personal guard for a man named Lionel Carter. So began Fusco’s life of crime. He his Carters right hand and has a great deal of influence within the Decima Syndicate.

Sam Fusco

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