Lionel Carter

Suave and Sophisticated Merchant who is considerably more than he seems


Physical Description:

Lionel is in his early middle age. He is 5’9” tall and weighs 155lbs. He has dark hair and cold grey eyes. He is slight of build but fit and healthy looking. Lionel dresses immaculately in highly quality but understated clothing.


Lionel is a very formal and traditional person. He knows the power he wields and believes he is due a certain degree of respect. He instinctively knows the level of respect that he needs to extend to others. Lionel is highly intelligent, cunning and ruthless when needed. He is not an evil person and abhors slavery and by extension slavers.



Lionel was born on Stend VI, his parents were petty criminals and members of a local swoop gang. Lionel has bigger things planned from a very young age. He learnt all he could from anyone who would take the time to teach him. By the age of 19 he was leading his swoop gang and by 22 he was recognised as head of a coalition of gangs. What followed however was a brutal internal gang war which was finally ended by Imperial Forces, following the collapse of his gang Lionel fled Stend VI for the outer rim. There he joined a smuggling enterprise. He worked as part of a smuggler crew for 3 years until a falling out with their black market contact on Peterbys station. This resulted in the death of the black marketer. Lionel who was always ready to exploit an opportunity stepped into the vacuum that this unfortunate situation had created. His takeover of operations went quite smoothly. Over the years since he has managed to form his own syndicate whose influence stretches to a dozen systems. The heart of his operations is still Peterbys station and he is a power of significant influence on the station. His most obvious presence is Claggan’s restaurant which is his only legitimate business and presents his public image to the populace of the station.

Lionel Carter

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