Prototype Security Droid

Dexterity 5D Perception 4D
Blaster 9D Bargain -
Brawling Parry 6D Command 5D
Dodge 8D Con -
Grenade 6D Gambling -
Heavy Weapons 6D Hide/Sneak -
Melee Parry 6D Search 5D
Melee 6D
Knowledge 1D Strength 5D
Alien Races - Brawling 6D
Bureaucracy - Climbing/Jumping 7D
Cultures - Lifting 7D
Languages - Stamina -
Planetary Systems - Swimming -
Streetwise -
Survival -
Technology -
Mechanical 1D Technical 1D
Astrogation - Comp Prog/Repair 5D
Beast Riding - Demolition -
Repulsorlift Op. 4D Droid Prog/Repair -
Starship Gunnery - Medicine -
Starship Piloting - Repulsorlift Repair -
Starship Shields - Security -
Starship Repair -

Built In Components

  • Repulsorlift Drives - Movement 13
  • Legs - Movement 9
  • Security Database - +5d Security skill
  • Human Range Sensor Package - Ocular, Audio & Olfactory sensors that operate within the standard human range
  • Advanced Sensor Package - +2D Search to detect Heat, Motion & Weapons
  • Scomp-link - Interface with computers by connecting via an appropriate input/output jack
  • Internal Comlink
  • Complex Personality Matrix
  • Redundant Systems - +2D STR Vs Ionisation damage


  • Blaster Pistol – 4D
  • Blaster Rifle – 5D
  • Vibroblade – Str +1D + 2

The imposing figure of K4N3 slowly stomping down the corridors of the Apple of Eden is a familiar sight. It was originally designed as a custom personal protection droid (though it does not say who for, or if they are still alive!). With a cursory glance at K4N3, you would be forgiven for thinking it was a person in a rather advanced armoured suit. But with a deeper inspection, it becomes obvious that this is not the case

The engineer who designed it clearly had little to worry about in regards to financial restraints, even going so far as to give the droid a complex personality unit, to allow it to better interact with the individual it was supposed to protect.Though K4 will often downplay how advanced it’s personality matrix is to avoid drawing too much attention to itself.

K4 is rather on the pompous side, believing itself to be far superior to most organic life (probably a side effect of the fact that it spends alot of it’s time trying to protect organics (usually by killing other, equally squishy, organics!)), but it is fiercly protective of those it deems to be under it’s care, speaking to such individuals in the same manner one might talk to a small child. One person who is spoken to as an equal is Adam, though this does not mean that K4 won’t argue with him.

Quite how the captain came into possession of K4, it does not say. When pressed on the matter K4 simply responds with “I am exactly where I should be”, or “Go ask the Captain”. But K4 has been following the captain for some time now, and shows little sign of contemplating abandoning him.


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